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Finding a job is often a very daunting task. That is why we have this online portal to facilitate ease of access to jobs for candidates. Its free for candidates - and you could even apply for jobs in other GCC countries when they crop up. The process is simple! Click on the register now button and register as a candidate. Remember to put in all your information correctly and add as much detail as possible. Think about the words you use to describe yourself, and your skill set - the description you write about yourself will give a potential employer a glimpse of your personality and will make them more interested in you.

Curriculum Vitae

Before you even submit your CV for a new job remember the goal of a CV is help you move onto the interview stage. You have to hold the attention of the person reading your CV long enough to do just that. Your CV needs to be a personal marketing tool. Remember your CV is a unique to you it in terms of content and layout. Below are just some things that you should consider:

Spell check. Avoid spelling mistakes
Must be easy to read and visually appealing
Information must be accurate, genuine and to the point - use bullets points where possible to keep your CV concise
Personal details - name, address, contact telephone numbers, cell phone numbers and email address, nationality, gender languages spoken, date of birth, marital status.
All educational qualifications.
Full employment history (listing the most recent first) Name of company , position held, duration of employment and list of responsibilities in relation to the position.
Achievements in relation to employment.
References must be up to date. This person should preferable be someone you report to or in HR and not a friend or family.

In the description box, please add a three line description summing up who you are and why someone would want to employ you. What makes you special? This is the box employers will read and use to decide whether to continue viewing the rest of your details or not.

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